I was born on Friday the thirteenth, setting the stage for my life to come. I loved art for as long as I can remember. I recall my first memory with art was how delicious the finger paint oozing up through my fingers felt, and I was enthralled with the rhythms of my marks that were left on the paper. Although I have always loved art, I also enjoyed and excelled in the sciences, and this balance between art and sciences has been a recurrent theme throughout my life. 

What matters to me is painting the essence, the very soul of the subject matter. Life is a series of rhythms, sometimes harmonious, sometimes discordant. It’s the challenge of how you paint what you feel and what you hear that I choose to explore. Therefore my approach to my work is as an exploration into the unknown to try and discover some answers, a reason, or just to find peace.

I hearken back to my science education and approach my works through a hypothesis – a proving ground as a series. And each series explores various rhythmic aspects. Initially my focus involved the sounds of music. But more recently as my explorations continue, I have begun exploring other rhythms to include dance, life and Mother Earth. I paint rhythms, the ebb and flow broken by transitional moments, recording the sound and movement, though shape, line, and color as bold and dramatic abstract expressionistic works. Colors, lines, shapes and patterns interweave and form those textures of rhythms – like life sometimes they are smooth and subtle and at other times abrupt and jagged, but ever flowing.

This exhibit provides a visual journey of those moments in life that music transports you to, those pulses and impulses in vivid imagery both joyful and solemn. These large works are of a new series begun in 2016. I love these colors, movements, and textures.