There was a tattoo parlor down the road from Fort Meade in Maryland where I lived until I was 8. I was curious about it because of the art work on the sign and the windows. My friends' dad was kind of a drinker and would take us kids around to the liquor place in the same strip. One day I got away from him long enough to poke my head in that tattoo shop and talked to the "old man" in there, Mister Charlie, who asked me what kind of things I liked. I told him I liked horses. He pointed to an ink drawing of "Pharaoh's Horses."

I was pretty much hooked on tattoo art starting that day in 1976. 

My best college friend and I got matching tattoos at age 18 in Phoenix, Arizona (yes, we're still friends) and I have been tattooed by a variety of artists throughout my life with some of my favorites done in Tupelo, Mississippi where I currently reside.

Each tattoo is a story and a memory and a mark. Although I never pursued the craft of learning to permeate another person's body with ink, I deeply respect those that have chosen that path and co-create living, breathing artwork.

I made a few of these flash pieces at a client's request not that long ago, blending my view of American- style tattoo art with my own dream-inspired and rural living themes. Then did some for myself; things I might like to have tattooed on me by a professional tattoo artist. And I have, too. 

These pictures on a paper really are only a jumping-off place.

Mk Spencer