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My childhood was greatly colored and created by my agoraphobic godmother (maternal aunt) that co-raised me with my working mother. Unlike my mother, who worked as a waitress at K&B, my aunt was unable to leave the house due to her mental illness. What could have been a catastrophic environment, instead was turned into a world of magical realism. So colorful was my childhood, that it took me until the age of seven before I realized that she was terrified to leave the house. My entire childhood was filled with her daily magical creations such as baby birds leaving Juicy Fruit gum at the windowsill and a child named Toots that lived in the huge pear tree outside our side door. Life was filled with magic and wonder. It's with the a mixture of my own childhood memories, Catholic references, Cajun folklore and a sprinkle of New Orleans Voodoo, I've created Tiny, Little Fables. 


The technique I think best translates these stories are made with handmade papers, handmade paper overlay, found imagery, collage elements, embroidery and hand stitched gold embellishments. The encircled eye in my art, always symbolizes the enchanted people and creatures that live among us. 



Nonney Oddlokken is a native to New Orleans, but had lived and studied abroad for many years. Although considered an autodidact, she received her BFA at Strykejernet Fine Arts Academy in Oslo, Norway. Then in 2001, returned back to the University of New Orleans to further her interest in Women’s Studies. She says, “I could never give credit to just one or two institutions. I have spent more time researching, traveling, taking workshops and studying paintings from the top art museums of Europe and the United States, than I ever did in a classroom. It was through those experiences that taught me more about art than any university class did. To credit an institute that I took classes from 20 years ago, tells too little of my education.” Paying it forward, she started an Arts Enrichment program at Harahan Elementary School, in Jefferson Parish and also taught art at Hahnville High School, in St Charles Parish. In 2015, she was the guest lecturer for the St Charles Parish Schoolboard Art teachers' Career Enrichment program. Most currently, in addition to her own art exhibitions, she teaches workshops on creativity and is the owner and promoter of Curate Studios: Art and Music Experience, a monthly art and music event that promotes artists and musicans. 




1/5/ 2018 

Solo show 

Brand New Orleans Gallery 


Prospect.4 Artist, Brand New Orleans Art Gallery, Satellite Location 

Art for Art Sake, group show 

Brand New Orleans Gallery, 

Tiny, Little Fables, Smith & Lens Gallery, Bay St, Louis, Ms 

Women of Color, Smith & Lens Gallery, Bay St Louis, Ms 

Tiny Fables and Abstractions, Second Story Gallery, New Orleans, La 

CRE8 Magazine, Issue number 13, Featured Artist, Tiny, Little Fables 

2016 Stories Once Spoken, Fem Fest, Jazz and Heritage Foundation, New Orleans 

2015 Women’s Caucus for Art, New Orleans 

2015 Tools of the Trade, Midwifery. New Orleans Pharmacy Museum 

2015 My Mother Was A Southern Harlot, Fem Fest, Jazz and Heritage Foundation, New Orleans 

2014 The F Word, Juried Exhibition, ARC Gallery, Chicago, IL 

2013 Eidola, PPG Gallery, Thibodeaux, LA 

2011-2013, 49 Printed Fashion Editorials Spreads, Creative Director and Photographer, NOLA Wedding Guide. 

2005-20110 25 printed Fashion Editorials, Creative Director and Photographer- In Residence, New Orleans Wedding Magazine 

2008 Pieces Rejoined, Atelier Gallery, New Orleans 

2007 Remnants of Chaos, Atelier Gallery, New Orleans 

2005 La.Vista, Governors Awards coverage, photography 

2004 New Orleans Magazine, Ray Charles Second Line Memorial Funeral 

1998 Last Mr. Bingle Window on Canal st. Maison Blanche, New Orleans, La,