Nathan Foust

The bright yellow sticker with bold black letters clung to a bumper of a 1979 Toyota Corolla, shouting “why be normal” - a question that asserted itself into the eyesight of Nathan Foust on a daily basis for several years. Though driving the old beat up car as a kid ended, the question - or statement if you will - “why be normal” continued to confidently drive him instead.  Proving it’s worthiness as a lifestyle and perspective, he harnessed it while pursuing Auburn University’s architecture, interior architecture, and rural studio programs, working at two high design firms in Boston, MA, attending graduate school at the Architectural Association school of architecture in London, England, molding young minds at Auburn University, and then leaping here to Mississippi’s coast. And although, adulting, in the parlance of our times, has softened this living aura of why be normal in Nathan, his continuous internal rumble to create and question “why be normal” comes alive in his “machine” drawings - a perspective from Nathan for the viewer to incite day dreaming, quirky thoughts of what could be, or maybe a mustard seed of stories to be written and told.