Karli Marie Corr is both an artist and an educator. Art has always been a part of her life. Growing up, her mother taught private art lessons in their home. Being surrounded by art since a young age led her to the natural choice of graduating with a B.A. in Art with an emphasis in Drawing and Painting from the University of Southern Mississippi. Not long after college, Karli became a licensed high school art teacher and currently teaches at our Lady Academy. She shares her love and knowledge of art with her students while continuing too create her own works of art. The layers in her abstract paintings capture the balance between our ancient world and our transient life.

Life is a series of parts, layered together to make something unique. The layers of earth, the layers of time, the layers of emotions - all of these come together to create a unique moment that only happened once and will never happen again. It is that beautiful balance of our ancient world and our transient life that is captured in my Painted Layers.