The human form, queens, hearts, trees, birds and houses are the recurring themes in my work. My primary medium is acrylic paint and I utilize various complex techniques from my experience as a professional faux finisher. I b gin each piece by giving careful attention to textural surface preparation. My paintings are inspired by my life: the joys, the difficulties, the challenges and the successes. I paint the landscape of my memories. The creative process of painting is very therapeutic. Painting soothes my spirit and creates balance in my life. Some of my work is imbued with a sense of whimsy. Other pieces allow the viewer to step out of the dailyness of their life and into the delight of their imagination. I strive to pass the joy that I obtain in creating, onto those who view my work and take it into their homes as well as their hearts.

about the artist

Michelle Allee is a Gulf Coast artist who resides in Pass Christian, Mississippi. Acrylic painting on unique textural surfaces is her primary medium. Michelle's subjects include hearts, queens, houses, birds, trees and the human form. Primarily a self taught artist, Michelle has been inspired, instructed and coached in various art techniques. Michelle has exhibited her work over the years and continues to show her art in galleries throughout the United States.