Primal - essential, fundamental, vital, intrinsic, intuitive

Territory - any tract of land, habitat 

This exhibit honors my yard and a few of its inhabitants, my "Primal Territory." Watching the travails, connections and interactions of the yard's flora and fauna, helps me better understand those strange creatures that we call humans, i.e. us. 

I screen print, but not in a traditional manner. My media is fiber, dye and pastel pencils; the screen, utilized as a drawing or painting tool, allows me to work as directly as possible. Each print is a unique image; there will be no other, no repeats as in "normal" screen printing. The images in this exhibit are printed and worked back into with pastel pencils, collage, and other media. 

This is my first "non-wearable" exhibit in 41 (oh my!) years. Creating pieces without a "wearer" to finish them has been an interesting and wonderful challenge.