Photographing my grandmother for the last ten years of her life, I often considered her my collaborator. Since her death, she remains an important character in the on-going narrative of my work. Taking influence from my interest in the Victorian traditions of post-mortem photography and the photographic stand-in, and the contemporary Flat Daddy (photographic cut-outs of deployed soldiers inserted into the daily life of absent soldier's family), I created "Flat Granny" as a stand-in for my grandmother. 

Flat Granny is a life-sized photographic costume made from the images I took of her while she was alive. A simple cut-out, a full-body costume, a Topsy-Turvy doll, throughout the life of this project, Flat Granny has taken on a variety of forms and is the first of a growing cast of photographic characters in my on-going pursuit to return space and time to the still image. 

The Wake