Carmen Lugo is an artist who works in mixed media, acrylic, and encaustic. A "mark maker" by nature, Carmen's work often contains bold line, scratched and obscured words, and a stream-of-consciousness style of painting. An appreciation all things fleeting, and gravitation towards evocative color and imagery results in work that often contains themes on impermanence, nature, and emotion. She equates her process to an "emotional sieve," sifting through impressions and imagery in the ever-evolving world around her, translating them to canvas. Carmen currently teaches art classes to teens and children at the Mary C O'Keefe Cultural Center for Arts and Education, and is a member of the South Mississippi Art League. When not painting, Carmen enjoys exploring amateur entomology, rearing silk moths, hiking, and being alone in nature. She currently lives on the Mississippi Gulf Coast with her husband, Vincent, and her two cats, Lola and Penny Lane.