Paulette Dove

As an artist I've always striven to develop paintings that not only

are visually appealing, but that present a story about people and

their interactions.  I've called this series "Hitchhikers" in an

effort best to describe these relationships.


Each painting encapsulates a narrative about people and how we needeach other and are interdependent, in both good and bad ways.  I've used animals as my metaphor to communicate these themes and underlying messages.  I do not explicitly tell my story to the viewer; rather I prefer to have the viewer set stories from his or her own life experience to the work.


This series has lasted for a few years.  In the first phase the

animals were stacked - literal hitchhikers on backs, demonstrating the burdens we carry in life.  In the second phase of this series the

characters in my works were beginning to separate.  Now, as the third phase develops, the characters are presented with more elaboratebackgrounds, out of and away from which the characters are moving.