Mary Hardy

I have never grown up…I still have (and add to) my childhood collection box. It contains images and bits and pieces of things that resonate with me. I rummage through it often holding and pondering the pieces. I love and am intrigued by their mystery. They are my impetus. I do not always know why and I have learned not to question just to trust the visceral need to use them. They help me explore depth; depth of experience, depth of memory and depth of space, which is the emphasis of my work. I use mixed media (drawing, painting, collage elements) because it allows me to create multiple layers, some transparent to create an atmospheric depth, others with a textured and heavy surface rawness. My intent with the contrast of surfaces is to create movement in the depths, a rise and fall, a life in the piece. I start with a notion, experience or response but not with a particular “story” in mind. I work intuitively letting the piece evolve as I go therefore the ambiguity leaves the meaning open to varying interpretations by the viewer, all valid. 

Mary Hardy

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